Schools & Daycares

Schools & Daycares

Schools & Daycares

One Janitorial largely supports growth and success. Schools are a necessity for the development of children both academically and socially. Daycare facilities have become a necessity for the working parent, but having so many people in one place heightens the possibility of harmful germs and viruses spreading, especially regarding children!

One Janitorial exceeds in providing safe and effective janitorial services for all levels and sizes of educational institutions and daycare centres. Basic building maintenance and cleaning procedures may not meet the unique needs of facilities where children are present. This requires special considerations, materials and equipment. A clean, healthy environment will also enhance your school’s image and marketability. Our clients in this specific industry place their trust in us to help create a great first impression and maintain a high standard of cleanliness!

Our depth of capabilities and experience will be an investment you will not regret! You can feel confident that we will have your space bright and sparkling clean for all your little ones & staff members!

One Janitorial offers customizable cleaning solutions to suit your needs and also offers premiums for you monthly or as a needed basis:

– Cleaning Common & High Traffic Areas

– Administrative, Boardrooms & Reception Areas

– Door Handles, Light Switches, Desk Tops, etc.

– Kitchens & Bathrooms

– Dusting High & Low

– Thorough Vacuuming

– Hallways, Stairwells & Elevators

– Carpet Cleaning & Stain Removal

– Floor Waxing & Polishing