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December 11, 2018

Last year the influenza virus sickened more North Americans than any other year on record. The impact on employers and employees is substantial! The Centers for Disease Control reported that a typical flu season costs an estimated $7 billion in sick days and lost productivity. At One Janitorial we urge employers to make flu fighting a priority to help keep your business running efficiently, the best way to do this is by getting a head start on the season which is nearly upon us!

It’s common knowledge that the workplace can be a breeding ground for influenza, areas such as break rooms, light switches and door knobs, conference areas, and of course restrooms can easily be contaminated. If one person becomes ill the entire workplace is at risk even without direct contact.

We’ve compiled some simple yet useful tactics to protect the health of your employees.

Get ahead of the flu by instilling a firm and defensive cleaning protocol before the season breaks out.
Encourage employees to frequently wash their hands you can also provide alcohol-based hand sanitizer.
Tell your employees to stay at home if they exhibit flu like symptoms, as them coming into the office can put everyone else at risk.
Wipe down “high traffic areas” with disinfecting wipes once a day at minimum, for example: break room surfaces, door knobs and light switches, and restroom fixtures. We can add these services to your One Janitorial cleaning crew’s list of requirements.
Offer flu vaccinations onsite! The CDC recommends a flu shot for everyone. The vaccination can reduce the severity of the illness even if someone is already exhibiting symptoms.
It is stressed that proper cleaning is a vital part of any infection control strategy! The risk of illness spreading through high traffic areas is extremely likely, which is why our cleaners are trained to expertly clean to reduce contamination in the workplace. At the end of the day employers cannot afford to be passive when it come to fighting the flu. You owe it to your employees to create a workplace that is as safe and as healthy as it possibly can be.

This year you can get ahead of the flu by having a defensive cleaning protocol. A clear flu-fighting strategy should be a top action item for every business owner!

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