Offices & Banks

Offices & Banks

Offices & Banks

All of us at One Janitorial strongly believe that the quality of the air we breathe and it’s overall cleanliness plays a massive role in health across the board especially in offices. Sick employees cost businesses a large amount in lost productivity and medical costs, so knowing how to prevent workplace illness is essential to running a successful operation.

Most people who become ill in the office do so because of cross contamination. For example if a person with germs touches a surface and then someone else touches it, they most likely will contract the ailment. Our crew will thoroughly clean all of the problem areas to minimize the risk of harmful germs so that your employees do not get each other sick and your business operates at maximum capacity!

Hiring our team to clean your office is an investment you will not regret. You can feel confident that we will leave your office radiant, creating an inspiring workplace! One Janitorial offers customizable cleaning solutions to suit your needs and also offers premiums for you monthly or as a needed basis:

– Cleaning Common & High Traffic Areas

– Administrative, Boardrooms & Reception Areas

– Door Handles, Light Switches, Desk Tops, etc.

– Kitchens & Bathrooms

– Dusting High & Low

– Thorough Vacuuming

– Hallways, Stairwells & Elevators

– Carpet Cleaning & Stain Removal

– Floor Waxing & Polishing