Calgary Janitorial Services & Commercial Cleaning

In the Calgary area, One Janitorial provides Commercial cleaning & janitorial cleaning services to

  1. Schools janitorial and cleaning service
  2. Daycares janitorial and cleaning service
  3. Restaurants janitorial and cleaning service
  4. Medical centres janitorial and cleaning service
  5. Dental clinics janitorial and cleaning service
  6. Office spaces janitorial and cleaning service
  7. Banks janitorial and cleaning service
  8. Retail stores janitorial and cleaning service
  9. Grocery stores janitorial and cleaning service
  10. Industrial warehouse janitorial and cleaning service

One Janitorial in Calgary area provides Commercial Cleaning & Janitorial Services in about 400,000 square feet daily.

One Janitorial offers tailor-made cleaning solutions to suit your needs and offers premiums for you monthly or as a needed basis:

  1. Cleaning Common & High Traffic Areas
  2. Office Spaces, Printer Rooms, Front Areas
  3. Door Handles, Light Switches, Countertop
  4. Kitchens & Bathrooms
  5. Dusting High & Low
  6. Thorough Vacuuming
  7. Hallways, Stairwells & Elevators
  8. Carpet Cleaning & Stain Removal
  9. Floor Waxing & Polishing

8 cleaning tips for Schools & Daycare – Calgary

In the Calgary area, we worked for many schools and daycares as their regular janitorial cleaning service provider and we also encourage them to develop best practices for a more cleaned campus by tipping them off some of the activities –

  1. Do you know the open playgrounds areas are known as public toilets among birds, sounds funny but we suggest schools to install hand sanitizer stations as the first thing on entry/exit of the playgrounds? This will help children to keep their hands clean when they exist playgrounds.
  2. Class cleaning is all about making sure you have the best-cleaned desk and benches because students kept their hands around them all the time. Door handles and classroom essentials like board could be another item to be precisely cleaned.
  3. As all the schools focused highly on having a clean washroom, we always emphasis to have cleaned cafeterias. All the food storage sections, tables, plates and cutleries should be kept in the cleaned sections to avoid any contamination of germs.
  4. Personal hygiene not to get marks but develop to develop as a habit among your students. We have organized sessions among the schools to admire how much cleaning helps you to stay fit.
  5. Set examples through staff and teachers for personal hygiene and provide regular awareness programs to showcase its importance.
  6. Daycares cleaning standard helps parents to decide whether they admit their children in them or not hence your focus on cleaning can just win you more admissions.
  7. Before/aftercare of the children throughout the day posts their nature, calls should be finished in the most appropriate manner as this could lead to health issues.
  8. Every essential used in cleaning like paper towel, cleaning cloths change frequency matters. How to clean ceramic vs. steel area and how all this could showcase your seriousness about the cleaning of your school or daycare.

One Janitorial currently operates in 5 provinces and 9 cities across Canada (Vancouver, Kelowna, Calgary, Edmonton, Saskatoon, Regina, Brandon, Winnipeg and Mississauga) and provide School and daycare cleaning services. You can email us – or call 1-800-377-5572 for more details.

Toll-Free: 1-800-377-5572

Address: -Suite 2120 500 4th avenue SW Calgary, AB T2P 2V6

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Hey guys, thanks a lot for the timely services. I have used them few a months back but never got time to post my feedback, i have also recommended them to few of my friends in Vancouver, i am hoping they would also contact you for commercial cleaning services.
Tim Robert Cook
Tim Robert Cook
13:04 25 May 20
Tanis Dueck
Tanis Dueck
13:47 05 May 20
One Janitorial is the best company! They help us to realize our dream to become a business owner. Jesse and Shandi together with their colleagues are very helpful, patient and understanding. They give us all the information and knowledge that we need to our business. Thank you very much and Keep up the good work.
03:33 26 Mar 20
Whether I’m working with Dermot the janitor or Sydney in the office, they’re professional approach makes me know they’re going to do a great job. Doing a walk through with Sydney is actually fun. She balances professionalism with a personal touch perfectly. Dermott takes pride in his work and is always willing to work with me on special requests. Great job guys! Thanks for taking such good care of our church. Ruth BraunWestsprings Church
23:16 07 Mar 20
Never Hiring Another Company! Love Them
Jin Lu
Jin Lu
20:45 28 Jan 20
Great Team, They Know Cleaning!
Nick Holding
Nick Holding
20:41 28 Jan 20
Amazing Service Team, we have been with One Janitorial for over two years now and we recommend them to everyone
Brian Antonson
Brian Antonson
20:36 28 Jan 20
I just started working with this company awesome team and really very helpfull. No fake reviews no fake id or anything ,totally being honest here. these guys are really helpfull if you want a kickstart career in business. Kaveeta prasad is really helpfull always comes forward for any kind of aid. Shandi pearson has become my friend she is awesome, basically the team of Sydney which includes Sydney too lol. Peter the owner of company is a really humble and helpful guy. I had a big issue with something which I cannot share here but he personally helped me to solve it, dealing with more than 100 of clients and employers he always have time to reply to e mails directly. He is really good coming straight from my heart.
navie92 kharoud
navie92 kharoud
16:12 14 Jan 20
great company I just started working with these guys. good job keep up the good work
Nav-e Kharoud
Nav-e Kharoud
19:06 07 Nov 19