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December 11, 2018

Did you know that providing a clean work environment is as important for your business’s profit margin as generating sales is? There have been numerous studies backing the psychology of its importance.

Why put the burden of cleaning on your employees when there are Commercial Businesses who can offer professional cleaning for your establishment? Hiring a commercial cleaning service has countless benefits, and here we are going to share what we believe are the top five reasons to hire a Janitorial Service.

Show a high level of Professionalism

With a team that works 24/7 you get to execute a flawless plan of cleanliness to show to your clients that you take your

work and your space seriously, almost as seriously as you take their business. To create the visual of true professionalism all fronts must be covered, including the way you service your establishment.

High quality services

When you hire a professional service such as One Janitorial you’re hiring for professionalism, for experience, and for options. You get a team of people that have the proper equipment to get the job done properly, a team that has the proper insurance to cover any liabilities, and the expertise to ensure the job is done better than you ever expected.


It’s easier to stay organized when

your working space is clean; this also results in less distractions and increased focus. There are many studies that have been released in regards to clean spaces promoting mental health, do yourself and your emplo

yees a favour by creating a space where everyone can thrive.

Endorse a Healthy Work Environment

We all know that health is closely related to cleanliness — when you hire us your clean office space will sustain healthier employees which means less sick days! This can directly relate to higher productivity throughout the year! Most germs and bact

eria thrive in office environments due to the many areas under consistent use.

Cost effective

When you allow your staff to focus on their work rather than maintaining the office to a professional standard you end up saving a large amount of money, this frees up time for your employees to continue with innovation, creative advancement for the company, and really focus on their scope of work without having to worry about high dusting, chasing baseboards, or moving your heavy equipment to clean the walls behind it.